Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions you may find information about CFI that you were wandering about.

What is CFI’s Pay Scale?

The pay program starts at $0.40 per mile and increases one cent per mile for every full year of experience up to $0.50. To qualify, drivers can earn the experience with CFI or another over-the-road trucking company.

CFI’s Experienced Driver compensation package is designed to recognize and reward the skill and professionalism of seasoned drivers.

Once employed, drivers can earn a penny increase per mile after every 125,000 miles, which is approximately what drivers travel in one year. The increases continue up to $0.50 per mile with the final increase of $0.01 per mile awarded to drivers that reach one million miles.

What is the home time policy.

Drivers earn 1 day for every 7 days out. You can highlight for home after 7 days on the road then operations will have you home in 8 days or the date you choose. Your fleet manager will handle any special circumstances that might arise.

What are the medical benefits ?

Blue Cross And Blue Shield medical, Vision, Dental. Met Life short and long term disability. Aflac disability and hospital indemnity. Life insurance, AD and dismemberment. and More!